The Path of Aspiring Green Thumb Edible Creationism

“I remember seeing giant green caterpillars on my kale and my cabbage; I was so sick about it and could not bear to pluck them off because I was shocked by their gigantic size that I actually went inside and took a nap. Seriously! I took a nap so that I could process this invasion. Then after an hour of rest, I asked my husband to accompany me to the garden, with garden gloves on and a jar of soapy water in my hand I lead him out to the war zone.  He spotted the little green gremlins and started plucking them with ease.  He chuckled and said to me, “Jenny, if you want to garden you have to learn to pull bugs off of your plants.” So with a deep breath I started plucking; eyeballing my plants like a true hungry hawk.  Afterwards, I felt that I had overcome a new step in this process of making living food and I propped my jar of dead caterpillars onto the edge of one of my garden beds and I am not kidding you, that jar sat there like a trophy and a warning to all other bugs that dare to trespass, for at least a months time.” – Jenny Rose ***READ THE REST OF THIS STORY HERE—>


2 thoughts on “The Path of Aspiring Green Thumb Edible Creationism

  1. you ARE a gardener Jenny. Do you think the average residential ‘gardener’ thinks of the full spectrum, or the power of soil biota and pours their heart and soul into everything about it?…. no.


    1. Thanks for the love and encouragement Philip! 🙂 I guess that I am apprehensive about labeling myself a gardener, when I see the true calling as so sacred. But you are right it is in the heart, isn’t it.


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