Freedom Dancer


ballet slippers

Around the table tonight we talked, my family and I, exploring the happenstance moments of our day. Life holds so much in one passing of dawn to dark… our evening ritual to share those point-in-time occasions with one another seems to capture the swift moving hours of our lives for just a little bit longer and we linger in it for just a while…

Stories from the day have no boundaries in our household. Sometimes silly. Sometimes joyful. Usually unorthodox. Sometimes serious. Sometimes boring… and sometimes little stories become like setting stones as a memorial in totem fashion within my mind. They hold. They stand above the rest.

Tonight my daughter Jade shared a story of the 80 year old dancer. She taught ballet. A woman of her age; body graced with the lines of life and feather soft skin similar to an infants state of smooth… eyes bright and wild…silver hair perfectly aligned in precision of the ballet bun.  Designs displayed the forever face from her years of youth carved into her brow…this 80 year old ballet instructor taught my daughters ballet teacher when she was just a young girl herself.

As she taught these princess daughters to dance the art of ballet, her long bony fingers would poke at their stomachs… “Straight torso’s! Suck in that belly!” … “Stand tall. Lift your head!”… She would whisper again to herself, lift your head.

…She was strict…a little grumpy.

…but when she danced, OH when she danced, years of life unraveled and the youth of a woman living on earth as it is in heaven unfolded before their very eyes.

She held with her posture the movement of knowledge and discipline paired with the freedom of the dance.

She had found her gift a long time ago…but when she found it, the gift felt foolish and unknown; yet she knew!

She was determined. There was a fire in her spirit.

She practiced. She practiced and she refined her character.

She listened. She listened and she sought wisdom.

She found passion! And with passion she was moved and shaped and made.

She became the freedom dancer. She was released with grace…she became HERSELF.

Expressions of love unfolded as she leapt into an allegro ensemble of movement before the witness of her students…

And in her old age of 80…when she danced… she danced on earth as it is in heaven.

– Jenny Rose Foster-Stewart  ~ inspired by Jade Adora.




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