I’m Spacing Out

Television blares. Talking heads spout, “blah blah blah”.

Shadowing mimics crow the nonsense as an echoing “caw caw caw”.

They debate their sides and then so do we.

So we copy…we copy?

They argue and then we argue.

They say they are right. Then we say we are right.

Shadows of the beast. Mere shadows.

Dark shadows.

Pretending intelligence. Pretending revolutionary thought.

It has already been written.

I’m spacing out. I’m spacing out. I’m dialing down the static.

The frenzy. The fuzz. The blur.

Time for space. Time for grace.

Time for thought. Time for rest.

Time to work and work…

And also time to create.

Create in me a clean heart.

Renew a right spirit within me.

Time to create. Beloved one. Time to create.

Creative spirit. Wake up. Make beautiful things. Wake up!

Clarity. Crystal pure clean clarity.

Drink. Water…spring water. Soak.

Stop yawning. Stretch your legs. Make beautiful things with words.

With sounds. With color. With lines. With shapes. Make them. Make them beloved.

Stand up. Flex your muscles. DANCE.

Make hope. Make kindness. Make love. Make peace.

Speak them. Speak it. Turn the caws into pure bell tones. The tone of kindness.

And rest and love and dream.

I’m spacing out. Not stepping away but Making space. Spacing out between the lines.

Spacing out the dusty fog. Spacing out the battling words. Making SPACE for grace.

Seeing through the fog. Sifting through the smoke. Clear horizons lay ahead.

Hands held high. Chin up. Touch the sky. Look up dear one. Stand tall. Look up.


– Jenny Rose Foster


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