After the new year I shut down my Facebook, for a hiatus of sorts, as a way to simplify the noise and the clutter of clanging symbols.

I decided if I simplify my connectivity sources, I will hear the friction a little less. This was a survival tactic…

You see, for me, when I see pain, when I see anger, when I see actions that make others feel lower. I become very sad. I become very angry. I begin to feel pain in a sometimes polarizing way. I carry empathy. In reaction, I can find myself in a protective mode, to guard myself from feeling too much.

Right now, there is so much pain and so much friction and so much chaos obliterating the connections between people, all due to political wars and terrible leadership. So many of us are tuning in and feeling it too. I feel it. And we should feel it. There is a lot to care about. It is all relevant. Pain comes before the shift and uprisings are birthed from tears.

When I declare that I am a follower of Christ, that means that I love my neighbor. My neighbor near and my neighbor far. When I see my neighbors being destroyed, my brothers and my sisters of this global earth, going through so much tragedy. When I see people seeking refuge and being denied. I feel it. When I see people that I love being denied opportunities because they are women. I feel it. When I see women lowered and not allowed to do certain things within the church…I feel it most of all! Like a fire blazing in my belly, I feel it.  When I see our first nation people being ignored and abused and lied to, again and again and again… I feel it. And it sometimes feels like a dark cloud of hopelessness…  I sometimes want to just sleep a little while longer.

It is a beautiful thing to encompass the joy, really feel the joy of someone else. I treasure hearing laughter and gaining that energy to laugh along with them. It is also a sacred thing to deeply connect to the sorrow of someone else and cry for them and with them. Emotion is a created part of us and it drives me to do things, to propel forward. Emotion beckons me to speak up. It motivates me to pray, in a way that I wouldn’t be able to pray if I hadn’t felt the pain, or the joy, or the struggle of my neighbor. Emotion is God made and we should not restrain the very essence of our beauty.

In this moment, for a small window, God is beckoning me to a place of prayerful posture and a time of quiet space away from the noise. I need the sacred throne…I need the consciousness from within my stomach to RISE UP and become words of meditation, intercession and declaration. With the outpouring of empathy also comes the power of authority. Authority to call out to the four corners of this earth and declare thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven! — Sometimes it is good to stand back a little, give time for release, make moments of quiet exchange. To rejuvenate and stir up the fire for a new ROAR!

With grit against the grain of sorrow, may we rise up with the defiance of joy and grab hold of those deep feelings of awareness and call out to the winds and release them.

– Jenny Rose Foster



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