Last Friday night I parked my car after circling the streets for at least 20 minutes to find a parking spot. Apparently, our city is growing! I had to walk about 7 blocks to get to the art show where my good friend was singing. Once a month in our downtown area arts district we have a “First Friday Art Walk”, for the community to walk from studio to studio meeting artists, looking at work, listening to music and eating fine foods. It is a fantastic event.

As I was walking down the street I noticed a woman shuffling behind a large brick beam next to a building. I sensed she didn’t want to be bothered, plus I was walking alone, so I crossed the street to walk on the opposite side from her.  As I passed her, out of curiosity, I looked over to see what she was doing and in the dim light I saw that she was stuffing toilet paper into her pants. My stomach dropped.  I quickly turned my head away from her direction and she quickly dodged to the other side of the beam. She wanted her privacy, yet in that moment, she had nothing but a building beam to shield her. It brought to my attention something I have overlooked, which is how difficult it is for women living on the streets to go without basic hygienic items for a woman’s monthly period.

Many women experiencing homelessness live without the basic necessities including feminine pads and tampons. The basic items that aid in a sense of cleanliness and dignity.  This woman didn’t even have a private space to care for herself, let alone appropriate products.

What I witnessed was on my mind and heart Monday morning, I deeply felt the impact of what I saw. Her humanity. Her sacred value… So I began to research local homeless resources in our area. I found “Council for the Homeless” and reached out to the donations coordinator. She confirmed that this is a “spot on” need for women in our community. Women living on the streets often lack the necessary sanitary items to protect their dignity from public embarrassment and for cleanliness.

This is where Project Dignity comes in. I decided to rally the community, those that I know and hopefully those that I don’t know as well! To spread the word and donate what you can to providing a stock room full of provisions for our women.

Because I believe that every woman deserves the very best, I have only selected organic pads and tampons to be purchased for them from the Target Charity Registry set up for Project Dignity:

Not only does organic show that we value these women, but in their case sometimes these women may be in situations where organic products can help to eliminate toxicity problems.

Let’s rally, let’s come together, let’s provide items that support the dignity of women in Vancouver.


STEP 1: GO TO this charity register link: CLICK HERE

STEP 2: View (4) item options and choose what you want to purchase for this fundraiser.

STEP 3: Check out at cart:

  3. LASTLY, SIMPLY CHECK OUT. This fundraiser address is all set up. Please dismiss store pick-up options and don’t worry if the Target store displayed on your screen is not your local store. You don’t have to worry about picking up/delivering the products. You don’t have to go shopping. Just a few clicks and your items will be delivered to the right source.

STEP 4: While checking out please state who you are, for tax deductible reasons. Your purchase is fully tax deductible! You will receive a slip when this fundraiser is over!

STEP 5: EMAIL us at so that we can forward your specific donation to Council for the Homeless, in order to get you a tax deductible slip.

THANK YOU! For partnering in the beautiful generosity offering of dignity for every woman!

Thank you,

Jenny Rose Foster

  • All donations are tax deductible. Please save your receipt and a donation slip will be provided to you by Council for the Homeless once the fundraiser is completed.
  • Project Dignity will go until November 10th. At which point all products donated will be delivered to Council for the Homeless. This non profit organization operates the Housing Solutions Center, our community’s coordinated access point for homelessness services and housing assistance. Council for the Homeless is the first stop for people in need, having toiletry items on hand is extremely helpful.

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