Hey there, 

Thanks for visiting! Welcome! YOU are welcome here! This is the place where I share my heart with the world; projected into words on a page… I invite you to share in this journey with me.

My name is Jenny Foster – Full name: Jenny Rose Foster-Stewart. I cherish my name. Every last bit of it. My middle name has always been a symbolic piece of my life: As the flower, but also as a declarative word that calls me to RISE – “Jenny ROSE UP!” And that is what I am doing. Rising up and lifting my eyes. Growing and learning and never settling. My maiden name Foster and my married name Stewart are both names of honor that I hold dearly.

I am a mother of three: My beloved Daughter and Son; including my puppy-love Moonshine, the most cavalier of cavaliers. I am married to my best friend Joshua. Him and I, we go way back. High school sweethearts; two punk rockers in love. Nearly 15 years of marriage, together, we hold a lot of stories.

WHY WRITE: I write because I MUST… it is what I have always done. I have always known life through written words. As far back as I can remember I have had a relationship with ink and paper.

This is the place in which I wear my heart on my sleeve and pour out words of passion. I write as a bit of a story-teller, a bit of a preacher, a bit of a lyricist. I write with a bit of sing-song and dancing, with a bit of prose and a dose of anthem ringing! I write in hopes of some soul awakenings. I write in hopes to kindle a fire that is rising. In hopes to bring people together and to be a voice that is brave in the truth-telling of the way of the peace-maker.

I hope you stick around and cozy in.

Thank you for being here.


-Jenny Rose Foster


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